Cool Sharks Adult Swim Team



The time is drawing closer — happy early mornings practicing with your team and prepping for another run at being the BEST adult swim team in the Atlanta area!!


FIRST — we were very close to winning the league championships (2nd place) last year, after winning the 2019 Championship trophy and TOWELS! So PLEASE mark your calendars for Saturday AM, August 13th. That is the championship meet date. EVERY swimmer is important for our quest to recapture the championship towels and trophy we all deserve!! Please plan ahead and block off that date to join us!


Our team will host a home meet at Garden Hills Pool on July 8th this year- please mark your calendar for that one as well!


Now for the rest of the 2022 swim team info:


Practice Schedule


Practices begin on Monday, May 16th!
ALL weekday practices Mondays thru Thursdays will start at 6:15 AM and end at 7:05 AM. Prepare to be out of the facility by 7:20.
Sunday practices will be from 8:30 to 9:30 AM.


Faster swimmers swim practices in select lanes— and new or “more relaxed” swimmers swim in other lanes. No one will get “run over” (or swum over!)


We have a large team and expect our swimmers to participate in at least two of the meets this summer!  Sorry, there is insufficient extra room in the pool for swimmers that “just want to practice” or swim laps. We will send out a Sign Up Genius so that crowding is not an issue! We can accommodate 20 swimmers per practice. To get on the Sign Up Genius list, please contact Kirsten Neufeld at Please note: if you have practiced with us for the last two years, rest assured that you are already in our Sign Up Genius database!


We ask that everyone sign up (and please show up) for practices they want to swim. Some only choose a couple of practices a week…. others 3-4. It’s up to you. Please sign up for no more than 4 practices a week. We started the Sign Up Genius system over Covid, and so far, there has not been an issue with finding sufficient swim opportunities for our team members.


Now, regarding WEATHER:  We do not practice in thunderstorms, moderate or heavy rain, very windy conditions (like a tropical storm). If you are unsure about the weather, I and our coaches look at the radar around 6 AM. If there’s lots of “yellow/ orange/ red” rain & storm systems in the area, or moving our way, there will be no practice. No one wants to wake up at 5 something to stand outside of the pool fence watching bad storms approaching!!




In her third year as our outstanding Head Coach, we welcome back Genevieve Jarun! Coach Gen is a former swimming Olympic Trials qualifier! 


Rebekah Andress will be one of our Assistant Coaches. She is a student at Georgia State, and a competitive high school and club swimmer, as well as assistant coach to our Cool Sharks youth team!


Joining as an Assistant Coach as well:  Jack Moriarty, former high school swimmer and state meet qualifier!  He is also a former member of the Cool Sharks youth team! Jack attends UGA.


Register for the League


Register for the Adult Team league at– search for our Team: Garden Hills Pool. You can get signed up for the league there, as well as finding meet information and other neat stuff! You have to be a member of the Atlanta adult swim league to be eligible to compete with our team.


Adult League Swim Meets


The Adult League is set up for swimmers age 18 and up.  Swimmers compete in 10 year age group increments (18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79…..) and relays are a fun and high scoring part of every meet. The league welcomes swimmers of varied speed and skill levels that are leading a busy lifestyle. In other words, if you enjoy a social group– and meets without high pressure– this league is for you! In fact, the league coordinator calls it the league for “beer drinkers that like to swim!”  There are typically 5 meets each summer, spanning in July and August. Garden Hills hosts a meet in mid-July. The meets are normally held on Friday evenings with a cookout/ social scheduled after most meets.


Fees to practice     


Despite rampant inflation– I am trying to keep fees for practices at $15 for May, $30 each for June and July, and we’ll see about August — Cash/ Check are best, Venmo OK. These fees cover paying the coaches, kickboards, the home meet cook-out, etc.  You can bring your payment to Jack Alexander or Kirsten Neufeld when you come to practices.  


We have one of the best — and if we all swim the Championship Meet— we may be THE best adult team in the Metro Atlanta area. :-)


Looking forward to another summer of good exercise, swimming friends, and 5 fun meets.


If you have questions or want additional information, please contact me at


Happy Swimming!

Jack Alexander
Adult Team Coordinator



Garden Hills Pool & Park Association | P.O. Box 52934 | Atlanta, GA 30355 | | Pool House: 404.848.7220