Pool Deck Party Areas


  • During the summer season when the pool is open, the Garden Hills Pool has two locations on the pool deck for hosting private functions for groups of up to 30 adults & children for each area:  North Deck and South Deck. This number includes the host family.  The locations have picnic tables and provide easy access to the swimming pool.
  • There must be 1 adult (16+) per 5 swimming-capable children under 12 and for every two non-swimmers.  Chaperones are required to closely supervise the children when they are in the water. The children desiring the use of the deep end and diving well must pass a swim test as administered by management. For safety reasons, there will be no exceptions to these rules.
  •  You do not have to be a Garden Hills Pool Member to rent at the pool. You may reserve these areas at any time between the pool opening time and 5 pm, when we switch over to Members Only hours.
  • Garden Hills Pool Members may rent these locations during MEMBER ONLY HOURS at the discretion of Pool Management. Please inquire before you book: poolboard@gardenhillspool.com.
  • Between August 1st and the last day of the summer season, the Pool Board reserves the right to curb rentals due to staffing concerns. After Labor Day, only Garden Hills Pool Members may petition the board to reserve during these last few weekends: execdir@gardenhillspool.com.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Please have the courtesy to notify the Pool Board a week in advance if you need to cancel your reservation: execdir@gardenhillspool.com.
  • INCLEMENT WEATHER: Planning a party at the pool during the summer always come with the risk of rain! All rentals will be considered “on” unless the weather forces the pool to be cleared for thunder and lightning for an extended period. If available, parties can make use of the Special Events Room and it’s adjacent covered deck in the event of rain.
  • All rentals must be made ONLINE. Pool staff does not have access to the reservations database.
  • Outside food is allowed.
  • No outside music can be brought in.
  • GHP is a No Smoking/No Vaping facility.
  • Lifeguards watch all pool patrons always, and may not be reserved to monitor specific parties.
  • There is no access to the grill or electrical outlets; please do not bring cooking equipment or other appliances requiring electricity.

Please scroll below to Rental Rates and additional info. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact us at execdir@gardenhillspool.com.




Next to the Pool House Concession Stand on a wooden deck to the East of the swimming pool, the North Deck area provides roughly 400 sq. feet of space with four picnic tables.  This area is removed from the flow of traffic near the water and can serve as an outdoor gathering place, ideal for hosting birthday parties, celebrations or picnics.




The concrete deck on the South end of the pool farthest from the Pool House and on the West side of the pump house offers roughly 500 sq. feet of space with five picnic tables.  The area provides shade for most of the day and is removed from the flow of traffic near the water.  This location is convenient to the diving board and is another ideal location for birthday parties, celebrations and picnics.



  • $50 per hour. Rental does not include any admission fees. Any non-members will be charged the standard $5 admission rate mandated for all City of Atlanta pools. Children under 2 yrs old are free admission. This fee is for all who enter the pool, regardless of whether they plan to swim. Renters may pay for non-member guests at the admissions desk upon arrival or at departure on the day of the event.
  • RENTAL TIMES INCLUDE SET-UP AND TAKE-DOWN.  Therefore, renters are encouraged to rent the space for at least 30 minutes before and after the actual event to allow for setup and cleaning. The decks will be booked for other events throughout the day, and it is the renter’s responsibility to have the space ready for the next patron at the ending time of their rental.
  • Renters may not access the pool prior to the pool opening each day! Staff and Swim Team/Shark Pups are the only individuals allowed within the pool gates outside the pool hours of operation. The gate may be open, but until the official pool opening time, only instructors, students, and staff may be inside the facility. No exceptions.
  • There is a $100 security deposit. In order to have it returned in full, users of the picnic rental areas must:
    • Clean the entire rental area
    • Remove all decorations, including tape & string
    • Wipe down all table tops
    • Return all chairs & tables to the original locations
    • Remove all garbage from the rental area and deposit it in appropriate receptacles
    • Pay for all non-member party guests before departure from the pool

Please visit our Calendar & Entry Fees page for pool hours.
Garden Hills Pool Members may rent these locations during MEMBER ONLY HOURS at the discretion of Pool Management.


Parties renting deck space must share the pool with other patrons. 

Facility Rental


Party Deck Reservations MUST be made online through the link above. The on-site pool staff does not have access to the rentals portal and calendar. The rental information is in the link below.
If you have further questions, please email execdir@gardenhillspool.com 

View GHPPA Facilities Rental Policy

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