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We will suspend our reservations system and resume regular Summer Hours
on June 25, 2021!


Data collected from pool attendance since our opening on Memorial Day weekend has helped us determine that we are able to suspend reservations knowing that we will not hit the new capacity ceiling on any given day, with the exception of possibly the July 4th holiday.  


Click here for the latest message from the GHPPA.


 Please visit our Reservations page to book a spot until June 24th.


Visit the pool on JULY 4th BY RESERVATION ONLY.
The sign-ups for JULY 4th will be posted on July 1 at 9pm on our Reservations page.



  • We will be actively collecting $5 per non-member per visit at the admissions desk as required by the City of Atlanta for all city pools. All non-members are required to sign in on the clipboard and provide their contact information.

  • We will be scanning all members’ key-cards.  If you have not yet had a chance to get your new key-card and to have your picture taken, please do so at your earliest convenience.  Scanning key-cards is our quickest way to collect data that we can report to the Department of Public Health and the City of Atlanta in the unlikely instance of “an event.” 

  • Please be courteous to our young staff. Visitors should realize that this is the first job for most of our youngest employees. We strive for two outcomes for them: we would like for them to have a positive first-job experience where they can be both successful and become self-confident. And, we would like them to understand that a good employee must be accountable. They have been tasked with scanning everyone’s card so that we can keep accurate records for the Department of Public Health in the unlikely event where there were to be an exposure to Covid-19. Please help them become accountable by allowing them to scan your card before entering.
  • We will be doing away with the No Guests policy Friday, June 18th. Members wishing to bring guests can reserve for their guests through the Paid/Public Admissions slots until June 24th.  After the reservations system has been suspended on June 25th, members will simply pay $5 at the admissions desk for each guest as mandated by the City of Atlanta for all its pools.

  • Kids may go in and out and to and from the playground. They must get their hand stamped for reentry and should use the hand sanitizer at the front desk.


This reservation system has not been easy for any of us. We all feel that restrictions of any kind are the antithesis to what summertime promises. Again, we thank you so much for your patience as we try to appease both our visitors and our partner, the City of Atlanta. Now, please come swim with us at the beautiful Garden Hills pool!


DAILY Session Schedule Until June 24, 2021


12:00-2:00 pm      Reservations open to Public (Paid Admission) and GHP Members
2:15-4:15 pm        Reservations open to Public (Paid Admission) and GHP Members
4:30-6:30 pm        Reservations open to GHP Members Only
6:45-8:45 pm        Reservations open to GHP Members Only





We are keeping the information posted below should we need it again, but for now, Memberships have SOLD OUT and we have a Wait List. We hope that as the summer restrictions abate, we’ll be able to open up more membership slots!


Membership Rates | Summer 2021


                          Individual – $160
                          Senior (65+ as of May 1st) – $120
                          Family of 2 – $250
                          Family of 3 – $310
                          Family of 4 – $330
                          Family of 5 – $350

  • Memberships are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Memberships allow up to the designated number of individuals to be listed for pool access. Children born on or after August 31, 2019 are exempted from membership fees and should not be counted when determining the appropriate membership to cover all participants in a household. Participants on a single account must be either the Primary Account Holder’s partner, spouse, their direct descendant living at the same residence or a caregiver/nanny.
  • Members enjoy early access to the pool prior to Memorial Day, before the public has access, and after Labor Day, when the pool closes to the public.
  • Members have access all pool sessions each day, including two additional sessions daily that are designated as Members Only.

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