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At this time, if you are interested in joining the waitlist should an opening occur mid-season, please click here. Please note that Membership requests are counted as ONE Membership, regardless of the number of family members! In other words, someone requesting an Individual Membership will not have a better shot than a Family of 5+. Waitlist requestors will be contacted in the order received if an opening occurs!


REMEMBER… You don’t have to be a member of Garden Hills Pool to visit! Go to our Calendar & Entry Fees page for Free & Paid Admission Hours. 


General Membership Information


Memberships allow up to the designated number of individuals to be listed for pool access.  When determining the appropriate membership to cover all participants in a household, if children turn 2 years old on or before May 1, 2023, they will be considered a person for membership count purposes.

Participants on a single account must be either the Primary Account Holder’s partner, spouse, their direct descendant living at the same residence, or a caregiver/nanny. A pool membership is non-transferrable; members may bring guests for $5/person (for persons over the age of 2) and an account holder must be present when their guests are enjoying the pool.


Membership Perks include:

  • The pool opens two-plus weeks prior to Memorial Day for Members
  • The pool closes two weeks after Labor Day for Members
  • Free Daily Admission to the Garden Hills Pool
  • Extended Members-Only Hours starting at 5 pm nightly
  • Access to special events including:  Movie & Trivia Nights, Adult, Family & Youth Parties

Membership Rates  |  Summer 2023


       Single                                   $195
       Senior 65+                           $155
       Family of 2                           $315
       Family of 3                           $395
       Family of 4                           $420
       Family of 5+                         $445


GHP Everyday Summer Policies . . .

  • We will be actively collecting $5 per non-member per visit (for all persons over the age of 2) during Paid Admission hours at the Admissions Desk, as required by the City of Atlanta for all city pools.  This fee applies whether those who enter the pool area plan to swim or not. All non-members are required to sign in on the clipboard and pay entry fees upon arrival.

  • We will be scanning all members’ key-tags.  Members will receive key-tags to allow for easy access to the pool. Members, if you do not have a key-tag, you can pick one up upon your first visit to the pool. 

  • Please be courteous to our young staff. Visitors should realize that this is the first job for most of our youngest employees. We strive for two outcomes for them:  We would like for them to have a positive first-job experience where they can be both successful and become self-confident; and we would like them to understand that a good employee must be accountable.  Please help them become accountable by allowing them to scan your key tag or collect your admissions fee before entering.
  • You do not need to be a member to visit Garden Hills Pool! Please see our Calendar & Entry Fees page for our Free Admission and Paid Admission Hours. Admission to the pool during Paid Admission Hours is $5 per person for patrons 2 years old (on or before May 1, 2023) and older as mandated by the City of Atlanta for all its pools.  Member Guests and Non-Members will need to sign-in on the clipboard at the Admissions Desk. 

  • Credit Card Policy: There is a $2 service fee for credit card charges under $15. There is no work-around for this, as all credit card transactions must be routed through the City Of Atlanta-mandated platform as per our lease agreement with the city. We apologize for the inconvenience!

  • Please become familiar with our Pool Rules so that there are no misunderstandings, and everyone has a pleasant experience poolside!

The pool opens Friday, May 12th at 4:30pm for GHP Members!


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